Finding a home for a former hospital administrator’s mom

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Testimonial

Sue has a unique perspective on the placement process. As a former nurse and hospital administrator, she knows what to look for in a facility or senior living community.

After working with Monica Flynn and Mary Golden at A Right Place for Seniors San Diego, here is what she had to say:

“These guys were absolutely phenomenal, incredible. They are really good listeners and they spend the time. I can’t say enough nice things about it. They really listen to what’s important to you and try to find that match.

I urgently had to get my mom out of the place where she was. With them whirling around me to help, we were able to make it happen. They placed my mom in the best place that she’s been.

For them, it isn’t just about where they’re gonna make the most commission. It’s really about meeting the needs of their clients. They’re so humanistic and kind. You really feel like you’re a priority. I’ve seen a million places. The place that they put my mom has the best administrator and the kindest staff. It is the best.

Both Mary and Monica spent the day with me. They identified places for me to look at. I can see the reasoning behind each and every place they picked – it wasn’t just random. They did homework. From our very first conversation, the were so personable and relatable.

It was the second time I had to move my mother. I could tell something was wrong and I got on a plane and flew to California. I called Mary and Monica in the morning. Within a couple of hours they had arranged for the administrator Nicole to evaluate my mother for Nicole’s place, Feel At Home. Nicole was wonderful.

I have to say it must have been like 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning, and by 9:30 Nicole and Mary were at the ready with my mother to interview her. My mother was moved the next day. I didn’t even have a physician yet for my mother. We just figured we would figured it all out. They all made it happen. The collaboration between Mary and Monica and the administrator where they placed her – you could see the collaboration and the care that they had for my mother. They moved mountains in less than 24 hours.

It was meant to be.

As a comparison, I worked with a placement person in Escondido when I put my mother in the place I had to move her from. The placement person basically went online and gave me a list and said, “Here go look at these.”

As opposed to Mary and Monica, who really took in depth notation about what was important for me. Then they both took time off and spent the day with me. They are unusual in how personal, empathetic, and caring they are. They follow up.

The director there said Mary and Monica are the number one people to work with. It’s not just me saying that as a consumer, the family working with them, but the administrator [is saying that]. We are all working for my mother who can’t advocate for herself. They care about people. They really cared about her.

At the end of the day, my mother ended up at the place that was ironically the least expensive. But they were just so happy that they could help at a time of crisis.

I feel that this all happened for a reason. My mother’s in the best place that she’s been is with the most caring people. I don’t worry at all.

I’m a former nurse and hospital administrator for years. I’m a tough critic. For me to give these kinds of statements really speaks very highly. I’m now very seasoned at looking at places and I know what internal issues there are in that setting. I also have high expectations. I know what to look for. I know about medication and state regulation and this and that. It doesn’t impress me at all if they’ve got a beautiful lobby and a grand piano. My mom’s not going to be able to enjoy that.

I’m a hospital administrator by trade and I have expectations for care delivery. When I’m looking at a place, I’m looking more in detail than maybe some other people that don’t have that background. Here I am, and I’ve looked at so many places. Mary and Monica identified a place that is the best experience, the most caring staff, and the most compassionate administrator.

For me to say what I’m saying about Feel At Home, Nicole, Mary and Monica, and the collaboration – it’s important. Mary and Monica did great work in identifying the best place.”

-– Sue

Thank you Sue! To learn more about Mary and Monica in San Diego, contact them at 619-980-2051 or via their website contact form.

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