6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Seniors

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‘Tis the season for a little spring cleaning! Love these tips from Sunrise Senior Living! As the temperatures begin to rise and the days become longer, spring is in the air. This time of year beckons blooming flowers, chirping birds and a little cleaning. Consider these tips to refresh a senior living home this spring.…

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Three Tips for a Successful Vacation with an Older Adult

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With spring break upon us and summer approaching, we love the idea of being able to include your elderly loved ones as much as possible. Read this great article by Lisa Price, M.D. with tips for traveling! In the U.S., we really enjoy vacations. We made 1.7 billion trips for fun in 2015, according to the U.S. Travel Association. Whether…

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How Kids Cope with Alzheimer’s in Grandparents

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Alzheimer’s and dementia touches so many families. And with so much focus on the person who has dementia, sometimes younger family members don’t receive the attention they may need during the process, or the illness may not explained in a way they can understand. We love this article by  CAROL BRADLEY BURSACK Grandpa is Scary: How Kids Cope with…

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Preparing for Caring: With Age Comes Responsibility

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Perhaps you’re anticipating the moment when you find yourself taking extensive responsibility for your elderly parents. This role reversal, however clearly you see it coming, is almost always emotionally draining. It can also be physically and mentally exhausting, not to mention financially taxing. But there are some things you and your parents can do now…

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Assisted Living: What Can You Expect?

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There are many fears that come with age, but none are as prominent as the fear of moving into an assisted living facility. While many people have stereotyped assisted living facilities to be a sad, boring, and abusive environment, that could not be farther from the truth. So, what should you expect from assisted living?…

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