Living options for aging parents

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Living options for aging parents

By Monica Flynn, San Diego Senior Living Consultant

The holiday season is often the only time when families gather together, and the traditional gathering spot tends to be at their parent’s home. It is also the time when many who have parents of advanced age spend time in their parent’s homes and witness how they are managing their daily lives.

Unfortunately for some, the reality is that they are not managing very well. Failing health, limited mobility, and late onset dementia are all examples of situations that can play a very significant role in the ability for a senior to properly care for themselves in their homes.

As a result, this is often the time of year when families come together to discuss a change in their parents living situation. Every care scenario varies, and the best care choices differ for every family.

There are so many options, ranging from the traditional move-them-in-with-you (or you with them), care by remote monitoring, hiring home care, or choosing to move a loved one into one of the hundreds of assisted living communities available today.

What doesn’t change? The significant commitment of time and resources to find and provide the right care situation. Families depend on each other to provide their time to take care of a loved one. But often the consequences of these time commitments are not fully understood.

This is not to suggest that this caring-time shouldn’t be given. But it is critical to have a full understanding of how being the actual caregiver can affect the person who is giving the care and spending the time.

According to AARP most caregivers have jobs but 70% are obligated to make workplace adjustments that affect their perceived performance and pay; 54% arrive to work late or leave early, 15% take a leave of absence and 9% quit their jobs in-order to continue providing care. Read our last blog post for more hard facts about how caring for aging parents affects work life balance.

Time is a finite resource. This makes caring for our aging parents an expensive and difficult balancing act for many. This is especially true if you are juggling a job and a life outside of caregiving duties.

What is a possible solution? Becoming aware of affordable options providing quality care is a critical piece in helping families decide how to provide for their aging loved ones.

In-home care, assisted living, memory care communities, and residential care homes are all examples and options that can help families create a good care plan for their senior(s) while still maintaining balance in their own personal and professional lives.

In addition, older adults often thrive in community care situations where they get qualified professional care, stay active, make friends and maintain as much independence as possible for as long as possible.

Determining how to care for aging parents can be a challenging time. That is why A Right Place for Seniors exists. We specialize in helping people make the right decision, and find the right care-plan. 

Making an informed decision means considering care requirements, price, location and personal preferences. Taking the time to do this can not only provide better care for your senior, but can also help mitigate both the financial and emotional price it can take on the entire family.

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